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UControl was established in May 1972 and since then have been designing and manufacturing control panels to fulfil the needs of our customers and end users, both here in the UK and world wide.

Although much of our equipment is installed in less than ideal situations, our commitment to quality and reliability, means that much of the equipment supplied at the company's early beginnings, is still giving excellent service at such places as quarries, tyre manufacturing plants, rolling mills and the glass industry.

Components have changed and new control systems have been developed over the period of time that UControl have been manufacturing, enabling us to offer our customers a greater range of control solutions than was previously available.

These include programmable controllers, A.C. solid state soft starters and variable speed drives, any of which can be supplied as a single control item or combined with other equipment to form a complete control system. Our commitment to producing control systems of the highest standards was recognised in 1996 when we were accredited with BS EN ISO9001: 2008 Certificate No. FM33301.


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TEL: +44 (0) 1902 601441

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