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UControl engineers are available to discuss control systems with potential customers and advise on possible control methods.

In most instances UControl produce schematic diagrams and layout drawings from either discussions with customers or from their written specifications.

When approved, the diagrams are issued for manufacture and liaison is maintained with customers during the course of producing the control panel.

After completion, the equipment is inspected and tested and in a large number of instances the customer is given the opportunity of either carrying out inspection and / or witness tests at our works.

With the exception of very large multi-section cubicles, requiring specialised lifting and transport facilities, the majority of the equipment UControl produces is delivered by our own transport. This ensures that agreed delivery arrangements are fulfilled and that the equipment is handled in a correct manner to avoid damage.


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TEL: +44 (0) 1902 601441

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Download 2013 Ucontrol Brochure pdf. for more information, pictures and case studies.

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